If you have a plot of land, barn or outhouse and would like to know whether it’s developable, we can apply for a CU for you, which will tell if the land / build can be developed and of any restrictions.

Price: €300 HT*


Installation of New Openings or Amendments to Existing Openings:

This includes the installation of roof windows, creations of new openings for windows and doors, changing a door opening to a window, a window to a door or closing an opening.

Price: €1,000 HT*


Building Project Under 20m2:

Whether it’s a new construction such as a garage or work on an existing building such as an attic conversion.

Price: €1,000 HT*


Building Project Over 20m2:

Including everything from New Build to Renovation and Conversion.

Price: €1,800 HT*


* Les Architectes des Bâtiments de France. Should your project be
located near a classified building such as church or a chateau, your
application will additionally be governed by Les Architectes des
Bâtiments de France. This required additional plans and paper work to
be submitted.

Price: €300 HT


On site consultation:

If you live in the Correze (19), Haute Vienne (87) or Dordogne (24) departments of France, we can offer an on-site consultation where we can discuss your project in detail and take all the measurements and photos required for your application. (Please note that normally all photos and measurements are to be supplied by the customer).

Price: €200 HT