No matter what your project - we can draw the all plans* which are required for planning and submit them with the relevant paperwork - provided the overall habitable surface does not
exceed 170m2.

We are a point of contact with the DDE (should they require any further information regarding the project) and will translate any stipulations they may have.

We deal with:

- New Builds
- Barn Conversions
- Attic Conversions
- New openings (windows, doors, veluxes)
- Changing existing openings
- CU

We guarantee to supply the DDE with all the information they require in order to process your application. We will also supply you with all the plans and information on a Disk for future reference.

If you are not sure as to whether your project requires planning or not, contact us today for a free non-committal consultation.

*Plans drawn are for planning purposes only and are not structural.